We LOVE this book and can not recommend it enough!

Seeds Family Worship 

Seeds Family Worship
Seeds Family Worship

“If you aren’t familiar with her work, you should definitely check it out! Lydia has taken Tozer’s writing and translated it for kids – teaching them God’s communicable and incommunicable attributes. How incredible is that?!”

Foundation Comparative Worldview

Elizabeth Urbanowicz
Elizabeth UrbanowiczChristian Apologist, Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculm

“We needed something age-appropriate, engaging, and biblically truthful. Something worth the time and effort of doing family devotions. My girls love listening and answering the questions. I love that my kids are learning the most important subject – who God is.”

Grit and Grace

MOPS Coordinator - Journey Bible Church
MOPS Coordinator - Journey Bible ChurchDiana Wiard

“I’m passionate about kitchen table discipleship and kingdom building in the home with our littles. This is a FANTASTIC tool for teaching your kids, ages 4-11, about God and who He is.

The Attributes of God For Kids has been such a great read for me and Nora this year. And I love it so much! Trust me, you WANT this devotional!”

From Blacktop to Dirt Road

From Blacktop To Dirt Road
From Blacktop To Dirt RoadLauren Eberspacher

Reader Reviews

“I have been looking for a book to go through with my kids that walks through who God is and this book is AMAZING! Not only does the author take us through God’s attributes in a way kids will understand, she also backs each with scripture and includes a memory verse to learn as well as a prayer and a Seeds of Worship song. So far we have learned that God never changes, is infinite, creator, eternal, self-sufficient, and omniscient! I am so thankful for this book and for the opportunity to help lay a strong foundation for my children in the knowledge of our God.”  – RJ

“We received a copy of your new book last weekend and I am so excited! I had just finished going through a Bible story book with my kids for Bible class for school and was wondering what to do next. This is a perfect fit. I started it today with my second grader and kindergartener. The format is great for kids with short attention spans, and you make such big truths so understandable for young learners. I especially love being able to go through something conceptual with them, not just more Bible stories like they hear over and over. Thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending it!” – Homeschool Mom

“So grateful to be walking through this with our girls and to be remind of these truths on a daily basis! The girls love the illustrations and the content is packed full of truths that are engaging for all to understand!” – Missionary family in Romania

“We are a missionary family reading from Kandern, Germany. We love the connection between who God is and what that means for us! So great to hear our oldest children (6 and 4) repeat their favorite attributes of God.” – Missionary family in Germany

This book is so easy for kids to understand and helps them form a firm foundation in God. It introduced important theological concepts in kid-friendly ways. It’s also a good refresher for parents as they go through the concepts with their kids!” – LW

“If you’re looking for a helpful disciple-making tool, buy this book that connects Bible-saturated theology with clear language. Both children and adults will benefit greatly from this Christ-centered resource!” -JK

Excellent study for young kids that is laid out in an easy to follow format. Even the adults are going to be encouraged by this book! Love the word illustrations that clearly describe each attribute and the questions to get your child thinking.”  – 5 star Amazon buyer

“Beautifully done:) Knowing “who” God is critical for young developing faith! Get your child’s heart engaged with this book.”  – LF 


Lydia is available to speak on Teaching Kids Who God Is at Kansas City MOPS groups! contact@attributesofgodforkids.com

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