Parents & Grandparents

What would your children or grandchildren say if you asked, “Who is God? What is He like?” We all want our kids to love God and that starts with simply getting to know Him.

The Attributes of God for Kids is a daily devotional for families to read together.  The book is divided into 10 unique attributes (unchanging, omnipresent, sovereign, etc.) and 11 moral attributes (righteous, just, loving, etc.).  Each chapter focuses on a single attribute with age appropriate readings, fun questions, memory tools, and praise songs to help your kids understand and remember each attribute.

Lay a solid theological foundation for your kids, with this bright, engaging resource based on A.W. Tozer’s classic Christian book, The Knowledge of the Holy.

  • Nightly readings with engaging questions

  • Memory Verses

  • Bible Passage & Jesus Storybook Bible Chapter

  • Prayer Prompt

  • Seeds Family Worship Songs

  • Printable Resources