21 Days of Praying The Attributes of God

21 Days of Praying the Attributes of God

Whenever I hear someone say they believe in the power of prayer, I cringe. Prayer is not a magic combination of words that turns a frog into a prince. The prayer itself has no power.  It’s the God we pray to that has the power. All of it actually, because He is Omnipotent or all-powerful.

The song Blessings by Laura Story starts “We pray for blessing, We pray for peace, comfort for family, protection while we sleep, We pray for healing, for prosperity, We pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering…”

So much of our praying is focused on what we need, and then thankfulness when our needs have been met. But how much of our praying is spent in love and worship – praising God for how great He is?

As a parent of small children, much of my day is spent filling the needs of my children. I’m sure you can relate:  Yes you can have more milk…in a blue, red, green, MAKE UP YOUR MIND, blue cup. I’ll fix your hair bow and tie your shoe and find your lost puzzle piece and kiss your ouchie and on and on and on it goes. My kids make approximately 500,000 requests per day…before lunch.

I love caring for my children, but what I really love is snuggling in the rocking chair before bed. It’s finally quiet, our limbs are intertwined, and we soak each other in: the soft skin, the baby smell, the cooing babbles. My two year old son and I play a game. I say, “Does momma love the lamp?” He giggles “No”. “Does momma love the window? – No” “Does momma love the chair? – No” “Who does momma love?” He laughs and says his name.  And then we reverse the game until I say “Who does baby love?” He grabs my face and says “Momma”. Best moment of the day.

After our heavenly father meets the 500,000 needs we ask for along with the ones we don’t even know we have, do we spend time soaking Him in; meditating on His character, wrapped in His love. Do we grab His face and say “Dadda”?

Consider spending the next 21 days focusing your prayer on praising God for His attributes.  The free printable below will help you get started!

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